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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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West Lancashire Marriage Coverage Last updated 16 Jul 2018

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Altcar, St. Michael 1837 Preston CE1 1837-1994
Appley Bridge, All Saints 1972 Preston CE2 1972-1975
Aughton, Christ Church 1877 Preston CE3 1877-1977
Aughton, St. Michael 1837 Preston CE4 1837-1984
Bickerstaffe, Holy Trinity 1844 Preston CE5 1844-1988
Burscough, St. John 1848 Preston CE6 1848-1977
Dalton, St. Michael and All Angels 1872 Preston CE7 1872-1940
Douglas, Christ Church 1862 Preston CE8 1862-1975
Halsall, St. Cuthbert's 1837 Preston CE9 1837-1976
Hesketh with Becconsall, All Saints 1837 Preston CE10 1837-1979
Newburgh, Christ Church 1871 Preston CE12 1871-1990
North Meols, St. Stephen 1869 Preston CE13 1869-1986
Ormskirk, Lathom Park Chapel 1929 Preston CE15 1929-1976
Ormskirk, St. Peter and St. Paul 1837 Preston CE14 1837-1984
Rufford, St. Mary the Virgin 1837 Preston CE16 1837-1977
Scarisbrick, St. Mark 1870 Preston CE17 1870-1989
Skelmersdale, St. Paul 1858 Preston CE18 1858-1978
Tarleton, Holy Trinity 1837 Preston CE19 1837-1982
Upholland, Digmoor, Christ the Servant 1970 Preston CE21 1970-1976
Upholland, St Thomas 1837 Preston CE20 1837-1975
Westhead, St. James 1860 Preston CE11 1860-1979
Wrightington, St James 1873 Preston CE22 1873-1949

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
West Lancashire 1837 Preston RM 1837-1974

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Appley Bridge, Vale Methodist 1918 Preston AP2 1918-1976
Aughton, St. Marys Chapel 1984 Preston AP7 None
Burscough, Methodist Chapel 1902 Preston AP6 1902-1978
Halsall, Shirdley Hill, Methodist Chapel 1950 Preston AP33 None
Hesketh Bank, Chapel Road, Methodist Church 1924 Preston AP22 1924-1970
Hesketh with Becconsall, Hesketh Moss, Methodist Church 1938 Preston AP16 1938-1998
Lathom, St. John's Chapel 1958 Preston AP34 None
North Meols, Banks, Methodist Chapel 1903 Preston AP11 1903-1975
Ormskirk, Chapel Street, Congregational Church 1922 Preston AP30 1922-1970
Ormskirk, Emmanuel Methodist - United Reformed Chapel 1902 Preston AP10 1902-1982
Ormskirk, St. Annes 1981 Preston AP1 None
Parbold, Our Lady and All Saints 1921 Preston AP32 1921-1925
Rufford, Brick Kiln Lane, Methodist Chapel 1921 Preston AP28 1921-1975
Rufford, Holmeswood, Methodist Chapel 1928 Preston AP5 1928-1986
Scarisbrick, Wood Moss Lane,Bescar Lane, Methodist Chapel 1934 Preston AP20 1934-1972
Skelmersdale Ecumenical Centre 1974 Preston AP25 1974-1979
Skelmersdale, Beech Trees, St. Francis of Assissi 1982 Preston AP26 None
Skelmersdale, Daniels Lane, Kingdom Hall 1981 Preston AP27 None
Skelmersdale, High Street, Methodist United Reformed Church 1907 Preston AP12 1907-1978
Skelmersdale, Knowle Brow, St. Richard's Chapel 1982 Preston AP9 None
Skelmersdale, Knowle Brow, Wesleyan Chapel 1924 Preston AP29 1924-1967
Skelmersdale, Whitham Road, Foster Memorial URC 1966 Preston AP31 1966-1973
Tarleton, Church Road, Methodist Chapel 1921 Preston AP14 1921-1985
Tarleton, Hesketh Lane, Methodist Church 1926 Preston AP18 1926-1982
Tarleton, Holmes, Methodist Chapel 1942 Preston AP4 1942-1982
Tarleton, Mere Brow, Methodist Chapel 1904 Preston AP17 1904-1969
Upholland, Alma Hill, Methodist Church 1924 Preston AP24 1924-1976
Upholland, College Road, Saint Teresa's 1982 Preston AP23 None
Upholland, Crawford Village, Methodist Chapel 1915 Preston AP8 1915-1974
Upholland, Daniels Lane, Digmoor Methodist Church 1908 Preston AP21 1908-1991
Upholland, Roby Mill, Jubilee Chapel 1925 Preston AP3 1925-1975
Upholland, Tontine, Methodist Church 1920 Preston AP19 1920-1993
Wrightington, Mossy Lea, Tunley United Reformed Church 1902 Preston AP15 1902-1975
Wrightington, St. Joseph's 1972 Preston AP13 1972-1975

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