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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

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South Sefton Marriage Coverage Last updated 30 Nov 2012

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Aintree, St Giles 1952 South Sefton A1 None
Blundellsands, St Michael 1924 South Sefton A2 1924-1950
Blundellsands, St Nicholas 1875 South Sefton A3 1875-1950
Bootle, Christ Church 1866 South Sefton A4 1866-1950
Bootle, St Andrew 1905 South Sefton A12 1905-1950
Bootle, St John 1866 South Sefton A28 1866-1950
Bootle, St John & St James 1912 South Sefton A13 1912-1950
Bootle, St Leonard 1890 South Sefton A5 1890-1950
Bootle, St Mary 1848 South Sefton A6 1848-1950
Bootle, St Matthew 1892 South Sefton A7 1892-1950
Crosby, All Saints 1971 South Sefton A8 None
Crosby, St Faith 1901 South Sefton A9 1901-1950
Crosby, St Luke 1876 South Sefton A10 1876-1950
Hightown, St Stephen 1947 South Sefton A11 1947-1950
Litherland, St Paul 1955 South Sefton A14 None
Litherland, St Philip 1871 South Sefton A15 1871-1950
Lydiate, St Thomas 1848 South Sefton A16 1848-1950
Maghull, St Andrew 1837 South Sefton A17 1837-1950
Maghull, St James   South Sefton A26 None
Maghull, St Peter   South Sefton A27 None
Melling, St Thomas 1837 South Sefton A18 1837-1950
Netherton, St Oswald 1940 South Sefton A19 1940-1950
Seaforth, St Thomas 1870 South Sefton A20 1870-1950
Sefton, St Helen 1837 South Sefton A21 1837-1950
Thornton, St Frideswyde 1961 South Sefton A22 None
Waterloo, Christ Church 1870 South Sefton A23 1870-1950
Waterloo, St John 1881 South Sefton A24 1881-1950
Waterloo, St Mary 1886 South Sefton A25 1886-1950

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
South Sefton 1934 South Sefton SS 1934-1950

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Aintree, Church Of The Most Holy Rosary, Altway 1986 South Sefton B33 None
Blundellsands URC, Warren Road, formerly Blundellsands Presbyterian 1899 South Sefton B6 1899-1950
Blundellsands, St Joseph 1990 South Sefton B46 None
Bootle Protestant Free Church 1952 South Sefton B12 None
Bootle, Bethel Baptist Church, Southport Road, formerly Bethel Evangelistic Church 1942 South Sefton B13 1942-1950
Bootle, Bankhall Mission 1977 South Sefton B30 None
Bootle, Emmanuel Church, Balliol Road 1916 South Sefton B38 1916-1950
Bootle, Free Church Hall, Stanley Road 1914 South Sefton B39 1914-1941
Bootle, Kingdom Hall, 4/6 Park Street 1958 South Sefton B18 None
Bootle, Methodist Chapel, Balliol Road 1905 South Sefton B35 1905-1941
Bootle, Methodist Church, Marsh Lane 1905 South Sefton B34 1905-1950
Bootle, Presbyterian Church, Trinity Road 1937 South Sefton B36 1937-1939
Bootle, Salvation Army Stanley Road   South Sefton B63 None
Bootle, St James Catholic Church   South Sefton B51 None
Bootle, St Monica 1990 South Sefton B45 None
Bootle, St Paul And Trinity 1954 South Sefton B3 None
Bootle, St Richard And St Alexander   South Sefton B60 None
Bootle, St Stephens Church, Bailey Drive   South Sefton B11 None
Bootle, Stanley Road Chapel 1946 South Sefton B1 1946-1950
Crosby URC, Mersey And Eshe Roads 1972 South Sefton B5 None
Crosby, Blundellsands Methodist Chapel, Mersey Road 1900 South Sefton B4 1900-1950
Crosby, Liverpool Road Methodist Church, 1968 South Sefton B25 None
Crosby, Methodist Church, Moor Lane 1941 South Sefton B21 1941-1950
Crosby, SS Peter And Pauls Church 1999 South Sefton B57 None
Crosby, St Helen, Alexandra Road 1979 South Sefton B28 None
Crosby, St William Of York, Edge Lane 1981 South Sefton B22 None
English Presbyterian Church, Springwell Road 1941 South Sefton B37 1941-1949
Ford, Church of The Holy Spirit, Poulson Drive   South Sefton B52 None
Litherland Methodist Chapel, Wilsons Lane 1924 South Sefton B14 1924-1950
Litherland, Church Of The English Martyrs School Lane   South Sefton B67 None
Litherland, Kingdom Hall, Beach Road, formerly Kingdom Hall, Alexandra Mount 1966 South Sefton B49 None
Litherland, Methodist Mission Hall, Linacre Road 1907 South Sefton B7 1907-1950
Litherland, Our Lady Queen Of Peace 1990 South Sefton B47 None
Litherland, St Elizabeth RC Church, Pennington Road 1993 South Sefton B53 None
Little Crosby Church 1994 South Sefton B55 None
Liverpool, St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church, Great Georges Road 1989 South Sefton B44 None
Lydiate, Kingdom Hall Of Jehovahs Witnesses, Byrom Road   South Sefton B66 None
Lydiate, St Gregory, Liverpool Road 1972 South Sefton B20 None
Lydiate, St Marie's Church 1996 South Sefton B59 None
Maghull Baptist Church, Hall Lane 1955 South Sefton B16 None
Maghull Chapel 1979 South Sefton B31 None
Maghull, Methodist Chapel, Liverpool Road 1920 South Sefton B9 1920-1950
Maghull, St Georges RC Church, Station Road 1971 South Sefton B10 None
Maghull, St Georges URC, Northway 1958 South Sefton B15 None
Melling, Church Of The Most Holy Redeemer And St Kentigern, Waddicar Cross 1996 South Sefton B58 None
Methodist Church, Altway, Old Roan 1957 South Sefton B17 None
Netherton, Church Of Our Lady of Walsingham 1989 South Sefton B50 None
Netherton, St Benet 1980 South Sefton B29 None
Netherton, St Marks Church, Gorsey Lane 1961 South Sefton B19 None
Orrell, St Robert Bellarmine, Orrell Road 1991 South Sefton B54 None
Seaforth, Congregational Church, 1937 South Sefton B42 1937-1942
Seaforth, Kingdom Hall, Rawson Road, otherwise Walmer Road Waterloo 1976 South Sefton B27 None
Seaforth, Methodist Chapel, Gladstone Road 1899 South Sefton B40 1899-1941
Seaforth, Our Lady Star Of The Sea 1990 South Sefton B48 None
Seaforth, Presbyterian Church, otherwise St Andrews URC 1950 South Sefton B2 1950
Sefton, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Fleetwoods Lane 1971 South Sefton B26 None
Thornton, The Thornton Centre, Drummond Road   South Sefton B61 None
Waterloo Methodist Church, Birchdale Road   South Sefton B23 None
Waterloo, Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Haigh Road   South Sefton B65 None
Waterloo, Congregational Church 1945 South Sefton B43 1945-1950
Waterloo, Kingsway Christian Centre 1985 South Sefton B32 None
Waterloo, St Edmunds Catholic Church Oxford Road   South Sefton B64 None
Waterloo, United Free Church, Crosby Road North, formerly Baptist Church 1933 South Sefton B8 1933-1950
Waterloo, Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel   South Sefton B62 None
Waterloo, Wesley Chapel, Bath Street 1899 South Sefton B41 1899-1950

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