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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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St. Helens Marriage Coverage Last updated 31 Dec 2014

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Ashton-in-Makerfield, Holy Trinity   St. Helens C13 None
Billinge, St Aiden   St. Helens C27 None
Blackbrook, St Paul   St. Helens C12 None
Carr Mill, St Davids 1958- St. Helens C11 1958-1969
Earlstown, St John the Bapt 1879- St. Helens C14 1879-1964
Eccleston, Christ Church 1840- St. Helens C15 1840-1990
Eccleston, St Luke 1931- St. Helens C1 1931-1991
Eccleston, St Thomas 1841- St. Helens C2 1841-1955
Eccleston,St James 1940- St. Helens C16 1940-1981
Haydock, St James 1975- St. Helens C17 1975-1990
Haydock, St Mark 1910- St. Helens C18 1910-1985
Newton, All Saints 1916- St. Helens C21 1916-1975
Newton, St Peter 1845 St. Helens C20 1845-1990
Newton-in-Makerfield, Emanuel 1844 St. Helens C19 1844-1990
Parr Mount, Holy Trinity 1863- St. Helens C4 1863-1963
Parr, St Peter 1846- St. Helens C3 1846-1990
Parr, St Phillips, Derbyshire Hill   St. Helens C25 None
Rainford, All Saints   St. Helens C22 None
Rainhill, St Ann 1840 St. Helens C23 1840-1997
Ravenhead, St John Evangelist 1871- St. Helens C5 1871-1990
St Helens Parish 1837- St. Helens C6 1837-1973
St. Helens, St Mark 1887- St. Helens C7 1887-2005
St. Helens, St. Andrew   St. Helens C26 None
Sutton, All Saints 1959- St. Helens C8 1959-1994
Sutton, St Michael & All Angels   St. Helens C24 None
Sutton, St Nicolas Sutton 1850- St. Helens C9 1850-1968
Thatto Heath, St Matthews 1954- St. Helens C10 1954-1968;1988-1990

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
St. Helens 1935 St. Helens SH 1935-2010

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Atherton, Elim Penecostal Church   St. Helens A49 None
Billinge, Birchley St Mary   St. Helens A60 None
Billinge, Methodist Chapel, Main Street 1948 St. Helens A29 1948-1966
Blackbrook RC Chapel   St. Helens A59 None
Dentons Green, Methodist Church 1936 St. Helens A28 1936-1948
Earlestown, Church of Christ   St. Helens A55 None
Earlstown, Methodist Church, Legh St 1909 St. Helens A20 1909-1955
Eccleston, Methodist Church, Burrows Lane   St. Helens A35 None
Eccleston, St Julie Howards Lane   St. Helens A40 None
Eccleston, United Reformed, Kiln Lane 1961 St. Helens A33 1961-1973
Haydock, Christchurch United Reform Church 1950 St. Helens A30 1950-1970
Haydock, Methodist Church, Clipsley Lane 1920 St. Helens A24 1920-1985
Haydock, Weslyan Methodist Mission, Church Rd 1919 St. Helens A23 1919-1938
Methodist Church Sutton, Manor 1959 St. Helens A11 1959-2003
Methodist Misson Hall, Balmer St 1932 St. Helens A5 1932-1950
Newton Le Willows, Methodist Church 1918 St. Helens A22 1918-1971
Newton Le Willows, United reformed Church 1954 St. Helens A31 1954-1973
Newton, Baptist Chapel, Crown St   St. Helens A42 None
Newton-le-Willows, Kingdom Hall   St. Helens A44 None
Newton-le-Willows, St David's RC   St. Helens A38 None
Newton-le-Willows, St Patrick's Church, Common Rd   St. Helens A41 None
Newton-le-WillowsSt Mary & St John, Crow Lane   St. Helens A36 None
Newtown United Reform, Knowsley Rd 1949 St. Helens A7 1949-1953
Parr, Methodist, Boardsmans Lane 1925 St. Helens A3 1925-1969
Peasley Cross United Reform, Sutton Rd 1951 St. Helens A8 1951-1987
Rainford Reformed Church 1934 St. Helens A27 1934-1976
Rainford, Methodist Church, Ormskirk St   St. Helens A32 None
Rainhill, Corpus Christi Church   St. Helens A58 None
Rainhill, Ebenezer Indep Chapel 1927 St. Helens A26 1927-1976
Rainhill, St Bart's RC   St. Helens A45 None
Rainhill, St James Methodist Church 1922 St. Helens A25 1922-1979
Rainhill, Trinty Evangelical, Longton Lane   St. Helens A47 None
Rainhill, United Reform Church, The Holt 1900 St. Helens A19 1900-1973
St. Helens, Bethel Misson Hall   St. Helens A13 None
St. Helens, Central Baptist Church, Hall St   St. Helens A14 None
St. Helens, Church of Our Lady, Fleet Lane   St. Helens A53 None
St. Helens, Haresfinch United Reformed, Derwent St   St. Helens A18 None
St. Helens, Holy Cross, Corporation Street   St. Helens A50 None
St. Helens, Jubliee Bapt Church, Boundary Rd   St. Helens A15 None
St. Helens, Kingdom Hall, Shar St   St. Helens A52 None
St. Helens, Latter Day Saints   St. Helens A46 None
St. Helens, Methodist Chapel, Westfield St 1911 St. Helens A21 1911-1961
St. Helens, Methodist Church 1928 St. Helens A4 1928-1943
St. Helens, Methodist Church Clock Face 1964 St. Helens A34 1964-1983
St. Helens, Park Road Baptist Church, Park Rd   St. Helens A16 None
St. Helens, Portico Chapel   St. Helens A56 None
St. Helens, St Joseph's RC (disused)   St. Helens A57 None
St. Helens, St Mary, Low House   St. Helens A17 None
St. Helens, St Teresa Devon St   St. Helens A39 None
St. Helens, St Vincents RC, Derbyshire Hill   St. Helens A54 None
St. Helens, Unitarian & Free Christian Church, Corporation Street 1951 St. Helens A9 1951-1981
St. Helens, United Reform, Ormskirk St 1941 St. Helens A6 1941-1979
St. Helens, Wesley Chapel, Corporation Street 1902 St. Helens A1 1902-1973
St. Helens, Wesleyan Methodist 1910 St. Helens A2 1910-1969
St. Thomas Canterbury   St. Helens A48 None
Sutton Methodist Church, New Street 1910 St. Helens A12 1910-1959
Sutton, Church of St Annes   St. Helens A37 None
Sutton, Zion Indep Methodist Chapel   St. Helens A43 None
Thatto Heath, St Austins RC   St. Helens A51 None
Toll Barr with Prescot United Reform Church 1958 St. Helens A10 1958-1970

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