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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Prescot Marriage Coverage Last updated 30 Nov 2012

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Halewood, St. Mary 1967 Prescot C12  
Halewood, St. Nicholas 1846 Prescot C11  
Huyton Quarry, St. Gabriel 1957 Prescot C3 1957-1969
Huyton, St. George 1943 Prescot C1  
Huyton, St. Michael 1837 Prescot C2 1911-1969
Kirkby, St. Andrew Church Centre, Tower Hill   Prescot C14  
Kirkby, St. Chad 1837 Prescot C8 1911-1969
Kirkby, St. Mark 1961 Prescot C10  
Kirkby, St. Martin 1961 Prescot C9  
Knowsley, St. Mary 1844 Prescot C4 1911-1969
Prescot St. Mary 1837 Prescot C5 1911-1969
Roby, St. Bartholomew 1853 Prescot C6 1911-1969
Roby, St. David's Mission (Closed 1948) 1941 Prescot C15 1941-1948
Stocksbridge Village, St. Jude 1971 Prescot C13  
Whiston, St. Nicholas 1869 Prescot C7 1911-1960

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Prescot 1837 Prescot R 1911-1969

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Court Hey Methodist Church 1956 Prescot A27 1956-1969
Cronton, Methodist Chapel 1925 Prescot A14 1925-1969
Halewood, St. Andrew's R.C. Church, Hunts Cross 1955 Prescot A22 1955-1969
Halewood, St. Mary's Joint Anglican Methodist, Leathers Lane 1976 Prescot A28 None
Huyton Congregational (United Reformed) Junction of Victoria & Seel Roads 1902 Prescot A16 1909-1969
Huyton Quarry, Methodist Chapel (Closed) 1965 Prescot A17A 1965-1969
Huyton, Baptist Church & Sunday School, Page Moss La. 1954 Prescot A20 1954-1969
Huyton, Bethany Hall, Dinas Lane 1954 Prescot A26 1954-1969
Huyton, St. Agnes Church, Huyton Road 1996 Prescot A40 None
Huyton, St. Aidan's R.C. Church, Adswood Road 1973 Prescot A21 None
Huyton, St. Aloysius R.C. Church, Twig Lane 1987 Prescot A33 None
Huyton, St. Margaret Mays Church, Pilch Lane 1972 Prescot A38 None
Huyton, Trinity Methodist Church, Liverpool Rd. 1939 Prescot A19 1939-1969
Kirkby Baptist Church, Bewley Drive, Southdene 1964 Prescot A25 1964-1969
Kirkby, Church of St. Joseph the Worker, Bewley Drive, Southdene 1978 Prescot A31 None
Kirkby, Mary Mother of God, R.C. Church 1995 Prescot A39 None
Kirkby, Sacred Heart Church, Briery Hey Ave. Northwood (Closed Sept 1994) 1988 Prescot A32 None
Kirkby, Southdene Methodist Church (Closed) Broad Lane 1956 Prescot A17 1956-1969
Kirkby, St. Peter & Paul R.C. Church, Summerfield 1990 Prescot A34 None
Kirkby, Westvale Chapel, Broad Lane (CLOSED) 1976 Prescot A29 None
Prescot United Reformed Church (Congregational) Aspinal St. 1963 Prescot A30 1964-1969
Prescot, Our Lady & St. Joseph R.C. Church 1993 Prescot A37 None
Prescot, St. Luke's R.C. Church, Shaw Lane 1991 Prescot A36 None
Prescot, Wesley Methodist, Atherton Street 1909 Prescot A15 1909-1969
Prescot, Zion Independent Methodist, Kemble Street 1941 Prescot A18 1941-1969
Whiston Methodist Church, Dragon Drive 1939 Prescot A24 1939-1969
Whiston, St. Leo R.C. Church, Likers Lane 1991 Prescot A35 None

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