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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

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Oldham Marriage Coverage Last updated 30 Nov 2012

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Bardsley, Holy Trinity 1844 Oldham CE201 1844-1974
Bardsley, Woodhouses National School Mission Church 1964 Oldham CE202 1964-1974
Chadderton, Christ Church 1844 Oldham CE203 1844-1974
Chadderton, Emmanuel 1911 Oldham CE204 1911-1974
Chadderton, St. George   Oldham CE205 None
Chadderton, St. Luke 1889 Oldham CE206 1889-1974
Chadderton, St. Mark 1924 Oldham CE207 1924-1974
Chadderton, St. Matthew 1856 Oldham CE208 1856-1974
Chadderton, St. Saviour's Mission Church   Oldham CE248 None
Coldhurst, Holy Trinity 1849 Oldham CE209 1849-1974
Denshaw, Christ Church 1864 Oldham CE210 1864-1974
Dobcross, Holy Trinity 1845 Oldham CE211 1845-1974
East Crompton, St. James 1847 Oldham CE212 1847-1974
Failsworth, Holy Trinity 1909 Oldham CE213 1909-1974
Failsworth, St. John the Evangelist 1847 Oldham CE214 1847-1974
Failsworth, The Holy Family 1965 Oldham CE215 1965-1974
Fitton Hill, St. Cuthbert's Mission Church 1968 Oldham CE216 1968-1974
Friarmere, St. Hilda 1935 Oldham CE C 1935-1974
Friarmere, St. Thomas 1845 Oldham CE217 1845-1974
Friezland, Christ Church 1850 Oldham CE218 1850-1974
Glodwick, Christ Church 1845 Oldham CE A 1845-1974
Glodwick, St. Mark 1877 Oldham CE219 1877-1974
Greenfield, St. Mary 1876 Oldham CE220 1876-1974
Hey, St. John the Baptist 1845 Oldham CE221 1845-1974
Heyside, St. Mark 1879 Oldham CE222 1879-1974
High Crompton, St. Mary 1878 Oldham CE223 1878-1974
Hollinwood, St. Margaret 1837 Oldham CE224 1837-1974
Holtís Estate, St. Hugh's School 1967 Oldham CE226 1967-1974
Knollís Lane, St. Agnes 1975 Oldham CE225 1975-1974
Leesfield, St. Thomas 1848 Oldham CE227 1848-1974
Limeside, St. Chad 1952 Oldham CE228 1952-1974
Lydgate, St. Anne 1845 Oldham CE229 1845-1974
Northmoor 1892 Oldham CE230 1892-1974
Oldham St. John 1846 Oldham CE239 1846-1974
Oldham, Lower Moor, St. Stephen & All Martyrs 1875 Oldham CE237 1875-1974
Oldham, Moorside, St. Thomas 1872 Oldham CE238 1872-1974
Oldham, St. Ambrose 1937 Oldham CE231 1937-1974
Oldham, St. Andrew 1874 Oldham CE232 1874-1974
Oldham, St. Barnabas 1932 Oldham CE233 1932-1974
Oldham, St. James 1838 Oldham CE234 1838-1974
Oldham, St. Mary 1837 Oldham CE235 1837-1974
Oldham, St. Paul 1880 Oldham CE236 1880-1974
Oldham, St. Peter 1837 Oldham CE B 1837-1974
Roundthorn, SS Matthew & Aiden 1933 Oldham CE240 1933-1974
Royton, Longsight, St. Anne 1910 Oldham CE242 1910-1974
Royton, St. Paul 1839 Oldham CE241 1839-1974
Saddleworth, St. Chad 1837 Oldham CE243 1837-1974
Scouthead, St. Paul 1889 Oldham CE244 1889-1974
Shaw, Holy Trinity 1837 Oldham CE245 1837-1974
Waterhead, Holy Trinity 1847 Oldham CE246 1847-1974
Werneth, St. Thomas 1856 Oldham CE247 1856-1974

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Middleton 1837 Oldham MIDD_RM 1837-1965
Oldham Above Town 1837 Oldham OAT 1837-1965
Oldham Below Town 1837 Oldham OBT 1837-1965
Saddleworth 1837 Oldham SWORTH_RM 1837-1965

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Abbeyhills Congregational Church, Skipton Street 1981 Oldham AP370 None
Bardsley, Methodist Church 1909 Oldham AP314 1909-1965
Chadderton Congregational Church, Garforth St. 1951 Oldham AP338 1951-1965
Chadderton Way, Gospel Mission 1979 Oldham AP365 None
Chadderton, Corpus Christi Church 1981 Oldham AP378 None
Chadderton. St. Herbert's RC Church 1980 Oldham AP368 None
Crompton, Salvation Army Citadel 1988 Oldham AP388 None
Crompton, St. Joseph's RC Church 1980 Oldham AP369 None
Delph, Independent Chapel 1903 Oldham AP309 1903-1965
Delph, Methodist Chapel 1901 Oldham AP306 1901-1965
East Oldham, Methodist Church 1926 Oldham AP329 1926-1965
Failsworth Salvation Army, Oldham Road 1999 Oldham AP392 None
Failsworth, Bethel Chapel 1904 Oldham AP310 1904-1965
Failsworth, Church of the Holy Family, Lord Lane 1992 Oldham AP390 None
Failsworth, Dob Lane Chapel 1929 Oldham AP331 1929-1965
Failsworth, Evangel Church 1974 Oldham AP360 None
Failsworth, Hope Methodist Church 1913 Oldham AP322 1913-1965
Failsworth, Kingdom Hall 1977 Oldham AP363 None
Failsworth, New Jerusalem Church 1899 Oldham AP301 1899-1965
Failsworth, St. Mary 1965 Oldham AP346 1965
Fir Lane, Methodist Church 1965 Oldham AP345 1965
Glodwick, Baptist Church 1909 Oldham AP315 1909-1965
Gravel Hole, Methodist Church 1925 Oldham AP328 1925-1965
Greenacres Chapel 1919 Oldham AP324 1919-1965
Greenacres Independent Methodist Church 1962 Oldham AP342 1962-1965
Grosvenor Hall 1962 Oldham AP349 1962-1965
Healds Green Methodist Church 1912 Oldham AP321 1912-1965
Hollinwood, Beulah Baptist/United Reformed Church 1962 Oldham AP341 1962-1965
Hollinwood, United Reformed Church 1963 Oldham AP343 1963-1965
Hope Chapel 1947 Oldham AP337 1947-1965
Lees, Christian Brethren Congregation 1914 Oldham AP323 1914-1965
Lees, St. Edward's RC Church 1980 Oldham AP367 None
Lees, Zion Methodist Chapel 1902 Oldham AP308 1902-1965
Limeside, Methodist Church 1961 Oldham AP339 1961-1965
Macedonia, United Reformed Church 1934 Oldham AP332 1934-1965
Mill Gate, Methodist Chapel 1900 Oldham AP304 1900-1965
Moorside, Methodist Church 1940 Oldham AP335 1940-1965
Moorside, Our Lady's Church Hall 1981 Oldham AP371 None
Mount Pleasant Mission 1962 Oldham AP340 1962-1965
Northmoor, Methodist Church 1911 Oldham AP317 1911-1965
Oldham Edge, St. Mary 1971 Oldham AP356 None
Oldham, Ashton Road, Congregational Church 1982 Oldham AP381 None
Oldham, Bow Street, Assemblies of God 1981 Oldham AP374 None
Oldham, Chamber Road, Independent Methodist Church 1975 Oldham AP361 None
Oldham, Church of the Holy Rosary 1968 Oldham AP347 None
Oldham, Church of the Nazarene 1972 Oldham AP359 None
Oldham, Church of the Sacred Heart, Whetstone Hill 1981 Oldham AP373 None
Oldham, Cook Street, St. Anne's Church 1969 Oldham AP352 None
Oldham, Copster Hill Road, Salvation Army Citadel 1981 Oldham AP376 None
Oldham, Fern Street, Bharat Bhavan 1985 Oldham AP384 None
Oldham, Foundry Street, Kingdom Hall 1987 Oldham AP387 None
Oldham, Garforth Street, Methodist Church 1929 Oldham AP330 1929-1965
Oldham, Holy Family Church 1971 Oldham AP355 None
Oldham, Honeywell Lane, Methodist Church 1921 Oldham AP327 1921-1965
Oldham, King Street Baptist Chapel 1969 Oldham AP351 None
Oldham, King Street, Unitarian Chapel 1976 Oldham AP362 None
Oldham, King Street, United Reformed Church 1946 Oldham AP336 1946-1965
Oldham, Lee Street, Shree Swaminarayam Temple 1985 Oldham AP386 None
Oldham, Lees Road, Salvation Army Hall 1985 Oldham AP383 None
Oldham, Manchester Road, Salvation Army Hall 1981 Oldham AP377 None
Oldham, Our Lady & St. Patrick, Union Street West 1981 Oldham AP375 None
Oldham, Scottfield Rd., Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints 1992 Oldham AP389 None
Oldham, Shaw, St. Andrew's Methodist Church 1969 Oldham AP348 None
Oldham, SS Peter & Paul Ukranian Catholic Church 1981 Oldham AP372 None
Oldham, St. James Free C of E 1907 Oldham AP312 1907-1965
Oldham, Union Street Methodist Church 1912 Oldham AP320 1912-1965
Oldham, Union Street, United Reformed Church 1965 Oldham AP344 1965
Oldham, Warren Lane, St. Michael's Church 1969 Oldham AP353 None
Oldham, Waterloo Street, Bethel Church 1980 Oldham AP366 None
Oldham, Waterloo Street, Methodist Church 1982 Oldham AP380 None
Oldham, Windsor Road, United Reformed Church   Oldham AP350 None
Ripponden Road, Methodist Chapel 1906 Oldham AP311 1906-1965
Road End, Methodist Chapel 1901 Oldham AP307 1901-1965
Roundthorn, Methodist Church 1972 Oldham AP358 None
Royton, Bethesda Baptist Church 1984 Oldham AP382 None
Royton, Heyside United Reformed Church 1920 Oldham AP325 1920-1965
Royton, Kingdom Hall 1969 Oldham AP354 None
Royton, SS Aidan & Oswald 1971 Oldham AP357 None
Royton, Trinity Methodist Church 1911 Oldham AP318 1911-1965
Saddleworth, Independent School Chapel, Dobcross 1994 Oldham AP391 None
Salem Moravian Chapel 1934 Oldham AP333 1934-1965
Shaw, St. Paul's Methodist Chapel 1899 Oldham AP302 1899-1965
Shaw, United Reformed Church 1934 Oldham AP334 1934-1965
Shore Edge, Methodist Church 1921 Oldham AP326 1921-1965
South Chadderton Methodist Church 1908 Oldham AP313 1908-1965
Springhead, Congregational Church 1912 Oldham AP319 1912-1965
Uppermill, Church of the Sacred Heart & St. Wiliam 1982 Oldham AP379 None
Uppermill, Ebenezer Congregational Church 1978 Oldham AP364 None
Uppermill, Methodist Chapel 1900 Oldham AP303 1900-1965
Weakey, Methodist Chapel 1901 Oldham AP305 1901-1965
Werneth Gospel Hall, Railway Road 1985 Oldham AP385 None
Westwood, Moravian Church 1910 Oldham AP316 1910-1965

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