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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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North Sefton Marriage Coverage Last updated 30 Nov 2012

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Ainsdale, St, John 1906 NorthSefton C1 1906-2010
Birkdale, St John 1905 NorthSefton C3 1905-2010
Birkdale, St Peter 1875 NorthSefton C4 1875-2010
Birkdale, St. James 1857 NorthSefton C2 1857-2010
Crossens, St John 1838 NorthSefton C5 1838-2010
Formby, Holy Trinity 1893 NorthSefton C6 1893-2010
Formby, St Luke 1888 NorthSefton C7 1888-2010
Formby, St Peter 1837 NorthSefton C8 1837-2010
North Meols, St Cuthbert 1837 NorthSefton C9 1837-2010
Southport, All Saints 1877 NorthSefton C10 1877-2010
Southport, All Souls 1929 NorthSefton C11 1929-2004
Southport, Christ Church 1837 NorthSefton C12 1837-2010
Southport, Emmanuel 1904 NorthSefton C13 1904-2010
Southport, Holy Trinity 1838 NorthSefton C14 1838-2010
Southport, St Andrew 1872-1969 NorthSefton XC2 1872-1969
Southport, St Francis   NorthSefton C18 2001-2010
Southport, St Luke 1883 NorthSefton C15 1883-2010
Southport, St Philip & St Paul 1888 NorthSefton C16 1888-2009
Southport, St Simon & St Jude with All Souls 1906 NorthSefton C17 1906-2010
Southport, St. Paul 1864-1988 NorthSefton XC1 1864-1988

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
North Sefton 1934 North Sefton NS 1934-2010

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Ainsdale, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Shore Road, Ainsdale 2001 NorthSefton A43 2001-2001
Ainsdale, Methodist Church 1920 NorthSefton A5 1920-2007
Ainsdale, United Reformed Church Station Road 1990 NorthSefton A10 1990-2005
Baptist Church Scarisbrick New Road 1957 NorthSefton A18 1957-2009
Bethesda Chapel, Aughton Road 1970 NorthSefton A27 1970-1996
Birkdale, United Reformed Church, Trafalgar Road 1917 NorthSefton A38 1917-2005
Blowick, Victoria Methodist Chapel 1930 NorthSefton A39 1930-2003
Crossens, Methodist Church 1962 NorthSefton A12 1962-2007
Formby, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses 2009 NorthSefton A47 2009
Formby, Methodist Chapel Elbow Lane 1917 NorthSefton A13 1917-2006
Formby, Our Lady of Compassion 1987 NorthSefton A4 1987-2009
Formby, St Jerome's RC Church, Wicks Lane 1992 NorthSefton A37 1992-2010
Formby, United Reformed Church, Church Road 1899 NorthSefton A15 1899-2009
Ince Blundell, Catholic Chapel 1996 NorthSefton A42 1996-2009
Southport New Synagogue 1951 NorthSefton S2 1951-2006
Southport Synagogue 1893 NorthSefton S1 1893-2006
Southport, Baptist Church, Hoghton Street 1955 NorthSefton XA8 1955-1958
Southport, Canning Road Evangelical Church 1971 NorthSefton A35 1971-2008
Southport, Christadelphian Hall GF, 51 Part Street   NorthSefton A31 2006-2009
Southport, Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints 1981 NorthSefton A32 1981-2010
Southport, Church of the Sacred Heart, Liverpool Road 2002 NorthSefton A44 2002-2010
Southport, Congregational Church, Hawkshead Street 1906 NorthSefton XA2 1906-1955
Southport, Congregational Church, Upper Portland Street 1959 NorthSefton XA9 1959-1964
Southport, Duke Street Trinity Methodist Church 1899 NorthSefton XA10 1899-1976
Southport, Elim Pentecostal Church Manchester Road 1983 NorthSefton A28 1983-2009
Southport, Family Life Centre Ash Street   NorthSefton A41 2003-2009
Southport, Grace Baptist Church Princes Street   NorthSefton A16 2002-2009
Southport, Hampton Road United Reformed Church 1982 NorthSefton A26 1982-2005
Southport, High Park Congregational Church, Canning Road 1930 NorthSefton XA7 1930-1964
Southport, Holy Family RC Church, Brompton Road 1991 NorthSefton A23 1991-2010
Southport, Kingdom Hall, 30 Duke Street 1978 NorthSefton A34 1978-2010
Southport, Methodist and United Reformed Church Lord Street West 1949 NorthSefton A3 1949-2010
Southport, Methodist Chapel Russell Road 1905 NorthSefton A17 1905-2007
Southport, Methodist Chapel, Cemetery Road 1904 NorthSefton XA5 1904-1950
Southport, Methodist Chapel. High Park Road 1931 NorthSefton XA6 1931-1948
Southport, Methodist Church Leyland Road 1939 NorthSefton A11 1939-2010
Southport, Methodist Church Marshside Road 1904 NorthSefton A9 1904-2010
Southport, Methodist Church, Brighton Road 1936 NorthSefton XA3 1936-1967
Southport, Methodist Church, Duke Street 1911 NorthSefton XA1 1911-1953
Southport, Methodist Church, Liverpool Road 1933 NorthSefton A22 1933-2010
Southport, Methodist Church, Mornington Road 1941 NorthSefton XA4 1941-1966
Southport, Norwood Avenue Baptist Church 1909 NorthSefton XA11 1909-1994
Southport, Our Lady of Lourdes, Waterloo Road 1988 NorthSefton A30 1988-2010
Southport, Salvation Army Citadel, Shakespeare Street 1982 NorthSefton A24 1982-2009
Southport, Shoreline Church 9 Mornington Road   NorthSefton A29 2001-2010
Southport, Spiritualist Church, Hawkshead Street   NorthSefton A20 2002-2008
Southport, St Anne's RC Chapel 2005 NorthSefton A46 2005-2010
Southport, St George's Church Lord Street 1925 NorthSefton A8 1925-2009
Southport, St Josephs Saxon Road 1991 NorthSefton A6 1991-2010
Southport, St Marie's on the Sands 1971 NorthSefton A1 1971-2010
Southport, St Marks Methodist Church, Church Street 1905 NorthSefton A21 1905-2000
Southport, St Patrick's RC Church, Marshside Road 1995 NorthSefton A40 1995-2010
Southport, St Philip & St Paul with Wesley SB Scarisbrick New Road 1930 NorthSefton A14 1930-2009
Southport, St. John Stone's RC Church, Sandbrook Way 1992 NorthSefton A36 1992-2010
Southport, St. Teresa RC Church Everton Road 1971 NorthSefton A19 1971-2010
Southport, The Church of St. Francis of Assisi 2005 NorthSefton A45 2005-2010
Southport, Unitarian Church Portland Street   NorthSefton A7 2006-2007
Southport, United Reformed Church Botanic Road 1905 NorthSefton A2 1905-2008
Southport, Wesley Methodist Chapel, Upper Aughton Road 1900 NorthSefton XC3 1900-1970

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