Details of the additions made to the site in 2017 appear on this page.
21 January 2017 Added 15,504 Births for Bolton RD comprising: Great Bolton and Lever (1909-1910); Halliwell (1919-1925); Little Bolton (1917-1919); South West Bolton (1921-1935)
Amended 15,058 Births for Rochdale RD to include mother's maiden name, comprising: Middleton (1851-1876); Spotland Further (1862-1875); Spotland Nearer (1851-1861)
Added 10,317 Deaths for Bury RD comprising: Bury North (1904-1921)
Added 523 Marriages for Blackburn RD comprising: Blackburn Register Office or Registrar Attended (1985-1995)