Details of the additions made to the site in 2022 appear on this page.
4 May 2022 Added 797 Marriages for Blackburn RD comprising: Edgworth, Methodist Church) (Turton), registers at Blackburn (1991-2008); Darwen, Highfield Congregational Church (Edmund St), registers at Blackburn (1989-2019); Darwen, Methodist Church (Spring Vale), registers at Blackburn (1987-1997); Blackburn, St Paul's Church) (Higher Audley St), registers at Blackburn (1999-2010); Blackburn, Elim Pentecostal Church (Park Rd), registers at Blackburn (1986-2010); Blackburn, Woodlands United Reformed Church (Cherry Tree, Livesey)), registers at Blackburn (1985-1989); Darwen, St Cuthbert (1996-2010); Hoddlesden, St Paul (1991-2010); Lower Darwen, St James (2008-2011); Darwen, St Peter (formerly Holy Trinity), registers at Blackburn (1991-2010); Tockholes, St Stephen (1993-2007); Blackburn, St Aidan (1993-2010); Blackburn, St Barnabas (1951-2005)
20 April 2022 Added 6,334 Deaths for Bolton RD comprising: Bolton A (2007-2009); Bolton B (2007-2009); Bolton C (2007-2009); Bolton D (2007-2009)
18 March 2022 Added 47 Marriages for Blackburn RD comprising: Darwen, Congregational Church (Hollins Grove) (2005-2008); Blackburn, Ragged School (Bent St) (1976-2007); Blackburn, Elim Pentecostal Church (Park Rd) (1986-1998)