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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Salford Marriage Coverage Last updated 01 Jul 2015

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Brindle Heath, St. Anne 1923 Salford C44 1923-1953
Broughton St Clements 1881 Salford C39 1881-1953
Broughton St John 1841 Salford C41 1841-1953
Clifton St Ann 1875 Salford C6 1875-1953
Eccles Parish St Mary's 1837 Salford C1 1837-1953
Eccles St Andrew 1880 Salford C2 1880-1953
Higher Broughton St James 1879 Salford C46 1879-1953
Holy Angels Claremont, Pendleton 1929 Salford C25 1929-1953
Hope St James 1867 Salford C45 1867-1953
Irlam St John 1867 Salford C5 1867-1953
Kersal St Paul 1854 Salford C31 1854-1953
Little Hulton St John 1876 Salford C7 1876-1953
Monton St Paul 1913 Salford C4 1913-1953
Patricroft Christ Church 1869 Salford C3 1869-1953
Patricroft, St Michael and All Angels 1937 Salford C18 1937-1953
Peel St Paul 1850 Salford C17 1850-1953
Pendlebury Christ Church 1862 Salford C13 1862-1953
Pendlebury St John 1849 Salford C15 1849-1953
Pendlebury, Clifton, St Thomas 1909-1909 Salford C19 1909-1909
Pendleton St Paul 1856 Salford C30 1856-1953
Pendleton St Thomas 1839 Salford C38 1839-1953
Salford Ascension 1870 Salford C29 1870-1953
Salford Christ Church 1838 Salford C21 1838-1953
Salford Holy Rood 1911 Salford C9 1911-1953
Salford Sacred Trinity 1838 Salford C24 1838-1953
Salford St Ambrose 1910-1941 Salford C42 1910-1941
Salford St Augustine 1874 Salford C14 1874-1953
Salford St Barnabas 1888 Salford C40 1888-1953
Salford St Bartholomew 1846 Salford C43 1846-1953
Salford St Clements 1879 Salford C47 1879-1953
Salford St Cyprian 1900 Salford C23 1900-1953
Salford St George 1860 Salford C37 1860-1953
Salford St Ignatius 1903 Salford C28 1903-1953
Salford St Luke 1866 Salford C33 1866-1953
Salford St Matthias 1858 Salford C34 1858-1953
Salford St Philip 1838 Salford C35 1838-1953
Salford St Simon 1849-1926 Salford C27 1849-1926
Salford St Stephen 1838 Salford C32 1838-1953
St Mary's, Cadishead 1929 Salford C16 1929-1953
Stowell Memorial 1871 Salford C26 1871-1953
Swinton St Peter 1839 Salford C10 1839-1953
Walkden St Paul 1863 Salford C8 1863-1953
Weaste All Saints 1910 Salford C36 1910-1953
Winton, St Mary Magdalene 1924 Salford C12 1924-1953
Worsley St Mark 1849 Salford C11 1849-1953

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Barton-on-Irwell 1837 Salford BAR 1837-1953
Salford 1837 Salford SAL 1837-1953

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Boothstown Methodist 1900 Salford A128 1900-1953
Broughton Park URC 1900 Salford A24 1900-1953
Broughton, Broughton Union, Great Clowes Street 1931 Salford A28 1931-1953
Broughton, Church of the Nazarent   Salford A39 None
Broughton, Kingdom Hall   Salford A42 None
Broughton, North Manchester New Church 1905 Salford A31 1905-1953
Broughton, Salem, Wellington St East 1901 Salford A6 1901-1953
Broughton, Salford New Church, Frederick Road 1933-1939 Salford A29 1933-1939
Cadishead, Congregational Church   Salford A87 None
Cadishead, Wesleyan Methodist 1900 Salford A57 1900-1953
Cadishead, Wesleyan Methodist Church   Salford A99 None
Eccles, Baptist Church 1909-1909 Salford A61 1909-1909
Eccles, Barton Road Methodist 1899 Salford A53 1899-1953
Eccles, Central Hall Methodist 1931 Salford A76 1931-1953
Eccles, Church of the Nazarene   Salford A97 None
Eccles, Immanuel Methodist Church   Salford A96 None
Eccles, Immanuel Methodist Church 1910 Salford A55 1910-1953
Eccles, Kingdom Hall, Fletcher Avenue   Salford A91 None
Eccles, Kingdom Hall, Worsley Road   Salford A94 None
Eccles, New Congregational Church   Salford A81 1948
Eccles, Particroft United Reformed Church 1936 Salford A75 1936-1953
Eccles, Trinity Church 1943-1943 Salford A80 1943-1943
Eccles, United Reformed Church   Salford A95 None
Eccles, Wesleyan Methodist 1899 Salford A51 1899-1953
Eccles. Eccles Evangelical/Elmwood Church   Salford A93 None
Higher Broughton Chapel 1899 Salford A22 1899-1953
Higher Broughton Synagogue 1910 Salford S2 1910-1953
Higher Broughton, Leicester Road Methodist 1931 Salford A8 1931-1953
Higher Broughton, Presbyterian 1899-1944 Salford A35 1899-1944
Higher Crumpsall & Higher Broughton Synagogue 1924 Salford S3 1924-1953
Irlam, Boundary Road Methodist Church 1937-1948 Salford A82 1937-1953
Irlam, Church of St. Joseph the Worker   Salford A102 None
Irlam, Fairhills Road Methodist Church   Salford A84 None
Irlam, St. Paul, Methodist 1900 Salford A56 1900-1953
Irlam, St. Teresa   Salford A105 None
Irlams O'Th'Height, Congregational Church, Claremont Road   Salford A38 None
Kersal, North Salford & Beth Hamedrash (prev. Romanian) Synagogue 1913 Salford S8 1913-1953
Kersal, Servite   Salford A101 None
Kersal, Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue   Salford S13 None
Little Hulton, St. Edmund 1940 Salford A78 1940-1953
Little Hulton, St. George Methodist   Salford A90 None
Little Hulton, Wesleyan Church, Cleggs Lane 1901 Salford A73 1901-1953
Little Hulton, Wharton Untied Reformed Church 1913 Salford A74 1913-1953
Lower Broughton Synagogue 1930 Salford S5 1930-1953
Lower Broughton Wesleyan 1899-1938 Salford A23 1899-1938
Manchester, Central and North Manchester Synagogue 1928 Salford S7 1928-1953
Manchester, Great & New & Beth Hamedrash Synagogue 1950 Salford S12 1950-1953
Monton Green, Monton Church 1939 Salford A77 1939-1953
Monton, Monton Methodist Church 1925 Salford A68 1925-1953
Ordsall Wesleyan 1905-1914 Salford A15 1905-1914
Patricroft, Holy Cross   Salford A107 None
Patricroft, Patricroft (formerly Ebenezer) Methodist Church 1930 Salford A63 1930-1953
Patricroft, Trinity Methodist 1899 Salford A52 1899-1953
Pendlebury, Bethel Methodist 1905-1943 Salford A66 1905-1943
Pendlebury, Ellesmere Street Methodist Church 1917-1941 Salford A79 1917-1941
Pendlebury, Methodist Church 1908 Salford A59 1908-1953
Pendlebury, St. Mark RC   Salford A92 None
Pendlebury, United Methodist Free Church, Dumbell St 1903 Salford A67 1903-1953
Pendleton, All Souls   Salford A103 None
Pendleton, Bethesda Chapel, Broad St 1904-1942 Salford A14 1904-1942
Pendleton, Broad Street Congregational 1926-1943 Salford A25 1926-1943
Pendleton, Charlestown Congregational 1910 Salford A7 1910-1953
Pendleton, Enys Street Methodist 1914 Salford A4 1914-1953
Pendleton, St David Welsh Methodist 1930 Salford A11 1930-1953
Pendleton, St. Luke New Church   Salford A109 None
Pendleton, Turner Hall, Astley Street 1942 Salford A30 1942-1953
Pendleton, Wesley Chapel, Ellor St 1904-1939 Salford A20 1904-1939
Pendleton, Wesleyan Methodist 1900-1937 Salford A64 1900-1937
Salford, Adass Yeshrun Synagogue   Salford S9 None
Salford, Adath Israel Synagogue 1908-1908 Salford S1 1908-1908
Salford, Bible Christian 1929-1932 Salford A36 1929-1932
Salford, Bolton Road Methodist 1905 Salford A5 1905-1953
Salford, Brunswick, Methodist 1899 Salford A2 1899-1953
Salford, Central United Reformed Church 1926 Salford A17 1926-1953
Salford, Chapel Street & Hope United Reformed Church 1940 Salford A18 1940-1953
Salford, Church of St. John the Evangelist   Salford A106 None
Salford, Dock Mission Hall, New Park Road 1917 Salford A33 1917-1953
Salford, Gravel Lane Methodist 1899-1944 Salford A27 1899-1953
Salford, Great Clowes Street Methodist 1921 Salford A3 1921-1953
Salford, Hope Congregational 1932 Salford A13 1932-1953
Salford, Irwell Street Wesleyan Chapel 1901 Salford A1 1901-1953
Salford, Kahal Chassidim Synagogue   Salford S4 None
Salford, Lancaster Road Methodist Church, Heathfield 1942 Salford A34 1942-1953
Salford, Lees Mission Hall, Liverpool Street   Salford A37 None
Salford, Machziei Hadass Synagogue   Salford S6 None
Salford, Memorial Road Methodist 1911 Salford A62 1911-1953
Salford, Methodist Church, Marlborough Road   Salford A41 None
Salford, Methodist Free Church 1899-1940 Salford A32 1899-1940
Salford, Mount Chapel, Eccles Old Road   Salford A40 None
Salford, Ohel Torah Hebrew Congregation Synagogue   Salford S10 None
Salford, Richmond Independent Chapel 1917 Salford A16 1917-1953
Salford, Salford Methodist Community Church   Salford A43 None
Salford, St. Andrew, Methodist 1899 Salford A71 1899-1953
Salford, St. John, Methodist 1899 Salford A12 1899-1953
Salford, St. Paul, Methodist 1899 Salford A46 1899-1953
Salford, St. Stephen Methodist 1907-1940 Salford A21 1907-1940
Salford, Telzer & Kovno Synagogue   Salford S11 None
Salford, Trinity Congregational 1899 Salford A47 1899-1953
Salford, Weaste Congregational/United Reformed Church 1924 Salford A26 1924-1953
Salford, Wesleyan Methodist, Regent Road 1899 Salford A19 1899-1953
Salford, Westwood Methodist 1900 Salford A65 1900-1953
Salford, Whit Lane Methodist 1900 Salford A9 1900-1953
Salford, Zion Methodist 1899 Salford A54 1899-1953
Seedley, Warren Street Independent Methodist 1937 Salford A10 1937-1953
Swinton, Chorley Road (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church 1924 Salford A60 1924-1953
Swinton, Manchester Road Methodist Church 1933 Salford A69 1933-1953
Swinton, Methodist Free Church, Worsley Rd 1901 Salford A45 1901-1953
Swinton, St. Charles   Salford A108 None
Swinton, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception   Salford A104 None
Swinton, Worsley Road URC 1899 Salford A44 1899-1953
Walkden Moor Methodist 1899 Salford A70 1899-1953
Walkden or Little Hulton, Worsley Road North, Methodist 1900 Salford A72 1900-1953
Walkden, Christ the King 1993 Salford A83 None
Walkden, Congregational Church 1910 Salford A58 1910-1953
Walkden, Walkden Evangelical Church 1952 Salford A98 1952-1953
Walkden, Wesley Hall Methodist   Salford A88 None
Walkden, Whittlebrook (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church 1924-1944 Salford A49 1924-1944
Winton, St. Matthew   Salford A86 None
Winton, St. Matthew   Salford A100 None
Winton, Winton Methodist Church   Salford A85 None
Worsley, Barton Road Methodist 1900 Salford A50 1900-1953
Worsley, New Jerusalem Church   Salford A89 None
Worsley, Trinity Methodist 1899-1944 Salford A48 1899-1944

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