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The following listing shows which marriage records are held by the Lancashire register offices, and the years covered so far by the indexes on this web-site. There are separate tables for:

This page will be updated each time new records are added to the database, and recent additions will also be indicated on the Updates page.

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Lancaster Marriage Coverage Last updated 30 Nov 2012

Church of England Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Arkholme, St John 1864 Preston LUNE/CE1 1864-2005
Aughton, St Saviour   Preston LUNE/CE2 None
Bare, St Christopher 1934 Preston LANC/CE26 1934-2002
Barnacre, All Saints 1913 Preston GARS/CE1 1913-1976
Bilsborrow, St Hilda 1927 Preston GARS/CE2 1927-1989
Bleasdale, St Eadmer 1849 Preston GARS/CE3 1849-1976
Bolton-Le-Sands, Holy Trinity 1837 Preston LANC/CE1 1837-2003
Borwick, St Mary 1948 Preston LUNE/CE3 1948-2002
Caldervale, St John The Evangelist 1864 Preston GARS/CE4 1864-1996
Carnforth, Christ Church 1875 Preston LANC/CE2 1875-1988
Caton (Brookhouse), St Paul 1837 Preston LUNE/CE4 1837-1980
Claughton, St Chad 1838 Preston LUNE/CE5 1838-1929; 1940-2000 (no marriages between 1929-1940
Cockerham, St Michael 1837 Preston LANC/CE3 1837-1972
Copp, St Anne 1850 Preston GARS/CE5 1850-1993
Dolphinholme, St Mark   Preston LANC/CE4 None
Ellel, St John The Evangelist 1858 Preston LANC/CE5 1858-1988
Garstang, St Helen 1837 Preston GARS/CE6 1837-2004
Garstang, St Thomas The Apostle 1881 Preston GARS/CE7 1881-2004
Glasson, Christ Church 1874 Preston LANC/CE6 1874-1996
Gressingham, St John The Evangelist 1838 Preston LUNE/CE6 1838-2000
Halton, St Wilfred 1837 Preston LUNE/CE7 1837-2004
Hambleton, Blessed Virgin Mary 1838 Preston PREE/CE1 1838-1995
Heysham, St Andrew 1970 Preston LANC/CE27A 1970-1982
Heysham, St James   Preston LANC/CE27B None
Heysham, St Peter 1837 Preston LANC/CE8 1837-1999
Hornby, St Margaret 1859 Preston LUNE/CE8 1859-1998
Inskip, St Peter 1850 Preston GARS/CE8 1850-1992
Lancaster, Christ Church 1874 Preston LANC/CE9 1874-1986
Lancaster, St Anne 1843 Preston LANC/CE10 1843-1958
Lancaster, St John the Evangelist 1842 Preston LANC/CE11 1842-1980
Lancaster, St Mary 1837 Preston LANC/CE12 1837-1998
Lancaster, St Thomas 1847 Preston LANC/CE13 1847-2005
Leck, St Peter 1849 Preston LUNE/CE9 1849-1976; 1979-1998
Littledale, St Anne 1942 Preston LUNE/CE17A 1942-1955
Melling, St Wilfred 1837 Preston LUNE/CE10 1837-1982
Morecambe, Holy Trinity 1843 Preston LANC/CE18 1848-2005
Morecambe, St Barnabas 1905 Preston LANC/CE14 1905-1981
Morecambe, St Lawrence 1918 Preston LANC/CE15 1918-1979
Morecambe, St Martin   Preston LANC/CE27C None
Out Rawcliffe, St John 1841 Preston PREE/CE2 1841-2000
Over Kellet, St Cuthbert 1837 Preston LUNE/CE11 1837-2005
Over Wyresdale, Christ Church   Preston LANC/CE17 None
Overton, St Helen 1837 Preston LANC/CE16 1837-2001
Pilling, St John The Baptist 1837 Preston PREE/CE3 1837-1992
Preesall, St Oswald 1923 Preston PREE/CE4 1923-1998
Quernmore, St Peter   Preston LUNE/CE12 None
Sandylands, St John 1911 Preston LANC/CE7 1911-1994
Scorton, St Peter   Preston GARS/CE10 None
Scotforth, St Paul 1876 Preston LANC/CE19 1876-1999
Shireshead, St James 1858 Preston GARS/CE11 1858-2005
Silverdale, St John 1871 Preston LANC/CE20 1871-1989
Skerton, St Chads 1962 Preston LANC/CE25 1962-1990
Skerton, St Luke 1866 Preston LANC/CE22 1866-1990
Slyne with Hest, St Luke 1929 Preston LANC/CE21 1929-2005
St Michael's On Wyre, St Michael 1837 Preston GARS/CE9 1837-2006
Stalmine, St James 1837 Preston PREE/CE5 1837-2000
Tatham Fells, The Good Shepherd 1916 Preston LUNE/CE14 1916-1989
Tatham, St James The Less   Preston LUNE/CE13 None
Torrisholme, Church of Ascension 1943 Preston LANC/CE27 1943-1989
Tunstall, St John The Baptist 1837 Preston LUNE/CE15 1837-1994
Warton, St Oswald 1837 Preston LANC/CE23 1837-1988
Whittington, St Michael The Archangel 1838 Preston LUNE/CE16 1838-2002
Winmarleigh, St Luke 1876 Preston GARS/CE12 1876-2002
Wray, Holy Trinity   Preston LUNE/CE17 None
Yealand Conyers, St John 1867 Preston LANC/CE24 1867-2001

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Civil Marriages

Register OfficeYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Garstang 1837 Preston GARS 1837-1974
Lancaster 1837 Preston LANC 1837-1985
Lunesdale 1869 Preston LUNE 1869-1974
Preesall   Preston PREE None

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Authorised Person Marriages

Church or ChapelYears
Registers atCodeYears indexed
Arkholme, Methodist 1944 Preston LUNE/AP22 1944-1970
Barnacre, St Mary and St Michael R.C. 2003 Preston GARS/AP9 2003-2007
Bethel, United Reformed 1946 Preston PREE/AP1 1946-1994
Bilsborrow, Methodist Chapel   Preston GARS/AP2 None
Bolton-le-Sands, Linden Lee Fellowship   Preston LANC/AP83 None
Bolton-le-Sands, United Reformed Church 1949 Preston LANC/AP53 1949-1990
Bowerham, Methodist Trinity Church 1966 Preston LANC/AP62 1966-1982
Brookhouse, Methodist   Preston LUNE/AP88 None
Calder Vale, Methodist Chapel   Preston GARS/AP6 None
Capenwray, Fellowship Caprenwary Chapel   Preston LANC/AP84 None
Carnforth, Congregational 1925 Preston LANC/AP39 1925-1989
Carnforth, Methodist 1900 Preston LANC/AP31 1900-1998
Caton, Baptist   Preston LUNE/AP87 None
Caton, Methodist 1902 Preston LUNE/AP21 1902-1966
Claughton, St Thomas R. C. 1990 Preston GARS/AP7 1990-1999
Dolphinholme, Methodist Church 1962 Preston LANC/AP69 1962-1988
Galgate, Methodist Church 1959 Preston LANC/AP61 1959-1999
Galgate, St Josephs Church 1977 Preston LANC/AP71 1977-1990
Garstang, Methodist Chapel 1964 Preston GARS/AP3 1964-2006
Garstang, United Reformed - Congregational 1901 Preston GARS/AP1 1901-1993
Great Eccleston, Free Methodist   Preston GARS/AP5 None
Great Eccleston, St Marys R. C. 1982 Preston GARS/AP8 1982
Halton, United Reformed Church 1982 Preston LANC/AP77 1982-2004
Hambleton, St Francis of Assisi 1982 Preston PREE/AP6 1982
Hambleton, United Reformed 1933 Preston PREE/AP2 1933-1995
Hest Bank, United Reformed Church 1962 Preston LANC/AP56 1962-1982
Heysham, Free Methodist Church 1973 Preston LANC/AP70 1973-1994
Heysham, Methodist 1958 Preston LANC/AP52 1958-1983
Heysham, St Patricks Church 1982 Preston LANC/AP65 1982-1994
Heysham, United Reformed Church, Sefton Road 1969 Preston LANC/AP58 1969-1997
Inskip, Baptist Chapel 1920 Preston GARS/AP4 1920-1974
Knott End, Emmanuel Gospel 1973 Preston PREE/AP5 1973
Knott End, Methodist Church   Preston PREE/AN None
Lancaster, Anglican Free Church   Preston LANC/AP73 None
Lancaster, Baptist, Nelson Street 1957 Preston LANC/AP55 1957-2002
Lancaster, Brethrens Meeting Room   Preston LANC/AP85 None
Lancaster, Catholic Chapel University   Preston LANC/AP90 None
Lancaster, Friends Meeting House 1839 Preston LANC/AP49 1839-1991
Lancaster, Greaves Methodist 1919 Preston LANC/AP36 1919-1996
Lancaster, Kingdom Hall   Preston LANC/AP79 None
Lancaster, Methodist Church 1975 Preston LANC/AP74 1973-1983
Lancaster, Methodist Church, Brock Street 1903 Preston LANC/AP48 1903-1935
Lancaster, Methodist, Moor Lane 1926 Preston LANC/AP40 1926-1964
Lancaster, Methodist, Sulyard Street 1917 Preston LANC/AP34 1917-1977
Lancaster, St Bernadettes 1982 Preston LANC/AP67 1982-2001
Lancaster, St Peters Cathedral 1981 Preston LANC/AP63 1981-2003
Lancaster, St Thomas More 1984 Preston LANC/AP68 1984-1986
Lancaster, The Kings House, Phoenix St   Preston LANC/AP91 None
Lancaster, Trinity Church, High Street 1927 Preston LANC/AP41 1927-1994
Lancaster, Unitarian Church 1968 Preston LANC/AP60 1968-2002
Lancaster, United Reformed Church, Crosshill 1955 Preston LANC/AP51 1955-1996
Lowgill, Methodist Church 1900 Preston LUNE/AP19 1900-2002
Middleston, Methodist Chapel   Preston LANC/AP76 None
Morecambe, Baptist, Stanley Road 1925 Preston LANC/AP38 1925-2004
Morecambe, Christ Church United Reformed, Broadway 1955 Preston LANC/AP50 1955-1995
Morecambe, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints   Preston LANC/AP81 None
Morecambe, Congregational 1916 Preston LANC/AP35 1916-1951
Morecambe, Emmanuel Church 1899 Preston LANC/AP28 1899-1987
Morecambe, Kingdom Hall 1955 Preston LANC/AP59 1955-2005
Morecambe, Methodist Central 1899 Preston LANC/AP29 1899-1990
Morecambe, Methodist Church, Bare 1929 Preston LANC/AP43 1929-1989
Morecambe, Methodist Church, Clarence Street 1932 Preston LANC/AP45 1932-1965
Morecambe, Methodist Church, Parliament Street 1927 Preston LANC/AP42 1927-1975
Morecambe, Methodist, Torrisholme 1938 Preston LANC/AP46 1938-1995
Morecambe, Sion Baptist 1961 Preston LANC/AP54 1961-1989
Morecambe, St Marys Catholic Church 1982 Preston LANC/AP64 1982-1997
Morecambe, Trinity/West End Methodists, Marine Road 1899 Preston LANC/AP30 1899-2000
Nether Kellet, Congregational Church   Preston LANC/AP80 None
Over Kellet, St Cuthberts Methodist/CE (Shared)   Preston LANC/AP86 None
Over Wyresdale, Emmetts Chapel   Preston LANC/AP75 None
Pilling, Methodist Church 1919 Preston PREE/AP3 1919-1998
Quernmore, Methodist 1945 Preston LUNE/AP20 1945-2005
Sandylands, Methodist Church 1921 Preston LANC/AP37 1921-1975
Scotforth, Congregational Church 1963 Preston LANC/AP57 1963-1968
Silverdale, Trinity Methodist 1917 Preston LANC/AP33 1917-1997
Skerton * see AP47, Wesley Church (Methodist) 1931 Preston LANC/AP44 1931-1980
Skerton *see AP44, Methodist Church 1950 Preston LANC/AP47 1950-1955
Skerton, St Josephs Church 1981 Preston LANC/AP66 1981-2003
Stonewell, Centenary Congregational 1909 Preston LANC/AP32 1909-1914
Thurnham, St Thomas & Elizabeth   Preston LANC/AP89 None
Torrisholme, Church of the Good Shepherd   Preston LANC/AP78 None
Warton, Kingdom Hall   Preston LANC/AP82 None
Warton, Methodist Church   Preston LANC/AP72 None
Wray, Methodist Chapel 1946 Preston LUNE/AP18 1946-1985

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